Friday, July 10, 2009

On the Beach with Books and Beans

South Boston:
July 9, 2009: Beans on the Beach? Yes, please!

Over a hundred families had lots of fun with the Boston Baked Bean theme of the first of two Family Fun Nights on Carson Beach, South Boston.

The Family Fun Nights are an early books reading program by the South Boston Neighborhood House that features reading performances and free books for all kids.
At the Boston Baked Bean event, the kids also enjoyed guessing "how many beans are in the jar" and making their own Boston Baked Bean.

The South Boston Neighborhood House launched the Fun Nights last year, and they turned out to be a hit, which is no surprise to me: I am looking forward to the next Fun Night in August, and I'm sure so are the kids!

For more information on the South Boston Neighborhood House and their programs, visit their website and Facebook page.